Prashantt Guptha essays a dual character in upcoming short film ‘TU’

Neerja and Irada fame actor Prashantt Guptha is excited and all set for the release of his next project, a short film called ‘Tu’ directed by Sandeep Chandrra. The film is a message relevant to every individual who is a part of the big city rat race. Prashantt plays a dual character – a young battered executive who is pining for the elusive “success” while the other character is his alter ego. TU is a one act, one location film and it’s depicts the message of oneness with true self which most people get detracted with, in their pursuit of money fame and success. By that count TU is content relevant to every working individual who aspires success.

The short film is presented by Humara Movie and will release on Gandhi Jayanti- 2nd October 2018, digitally, on Humara Movie’s YouTube channel.

Prashantt plays the role of a mid-30’s man, frustrated with his life and is long battling every possible kind of inner turmoil. He begins to experience face to face encounters with his own spirit that motivates him to start a fresh life.  “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Embarking on this thought by Mahatma Gandhi, Prashantt’s inner voice that talks to him pushes him to think that if you change yourself you will change your world, if you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change.

When asked Prashantt about this film, he said “Digital is the present and future! It is such a strong and effective platform to dish out a large range of subjects to a wider audience. ‘Tu’s concept is extremely close to me and I hope to inspire and motivate others who watch it. I am very sure every person who watches it will relate to the storyline and it’s underlying message. It is certainly food for thought and hope they reflect upon for the better. I loved associating with Sandeep Chandrra who had a wonderful vision for this one.”

The story is a single setting plot and Sandeep Chandrra aims to engage the viewers with a brilliant repartee of questions and answers, wonderfully tackled and portrayed by Prashantt Guptha in this 17 minute short film.

Do stop by on Humara movies on 2nd October 2018 to catch “TU”

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