Vipul Roy injures his leg during the dahi handi sequence in Partners – Trouble Ho Gayi Double

Vipul Roy recently went under a leg injury during a ‘Dahi Handi’ sequence that they were shooting for the upcoming episode on Partners – Trouble Ho Gayi Double.

Vipul was performing the stunt with a professional team for the dahi handi sequence. During the shoot the group lost their balance and Vipul who was attempting to climb fell down from the top and badly injured his ankle. He was immediately attended by the medical team who were present in case if there were any casualty during the scene.

Vipul shares his experience; he mentions,” This was the first time ever I have performed a stunt without any safety. I realised the number of people who risk their life and get injured are a lot  and I just want to convey that, be careful and use safety measures because risking your life is not worth it.”

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