Rahuul Chuwadhary’s chilled out house warming party

Rahuul Chuwadhary who was seen in films Pankh – A Daughters Tale and Dunno Y2… Life Is A Moment, recently shifted to new house at Manav Sthal tower in Malad, Mumbai. On Saturday 1st September he organized a house warming party and invited friends from the industry.

Talking about new house Rahuul said, “I like to live on higher floors because the feel staying on upper floor is different. My new house is on 14th floor. The view from here is awesome. You can see the whole Madh as well as the beach.”

Rahuul and his wife Honey Kumar (who is a software engineer working in MNC) had lots of preparations for the house warming party. It was a wine and cheese party with different and tasty dishes.

Actor Abbas Khan (Biji Pandey), Puneet Sehgal, Yeong Wo, Minika Sharma, director Vaibhav Nema, designer Rima Melwani, PRO Raju Kariya with his daughter and other friends were present at the party.

Everybody chilled out and enjoyed the melodious music in the background which was accompanied by lots of chit chatting. All the friends were very happy to see Rahuul’s growth from his 1st day in Mumbai till date. His friends congratulated him for a new house and gave him best wishes for a bright future.

Rahuul will now be seen in Partho Ghosh directed film ‘Dosti Zindabad’, Manoj Giri directed Main Khudiram Bose Hun and the upcoming web series Love, Life and Screw Ups season 2.

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