Gurpreet Singh and his love for photography

Photography has always been a passion for actor Gurpreet Singh and the actor developed an interest in it during his school days. “I was in 2nd standard when I started sketching and slowly I progressed to making sketch from photographs. Since I used to look for interesting photos for a sketch, I got interested in photography. While I was modelling, I used to ask many questions to the photographer and by observing him, I learnt basic photography,” he says.

He likes to click both people as well as his surroundings. “I like both and try to get both in the same frame,” says the actor, adding, “While clicking someone, I look for a photogenic and well-chiselled face. It should be interesting.”

Talking about what drives him to photography, he says, “Photography is all about play with lights. The way light falls on the face, shows the shape and beauty of the picture.”

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