Anup Jalota launches Abhijit Ghoshal’s Sai Album SAINATH AAO

Abhijit Ghoshal’s Bhajan album “Sainath Aao” was launched by Bhajan maestro Anup Jalota in a grand ceremony.  Ghoshal is a singer to reckon with and in addition to Bollywood  music,  he has made a name in the genre of devotional music.

At the event Anup Jalota said, “For the genre of devotional  music to flourish and thrive further in the future,  one needs a torch bearer and Abhijit is one such gem who is now ready to lead the genre in the right direction. He is an accomplished musician  and effectively sings a variety of songs. He also has the power to make people dance and enjoy his music.”

The event also saw music stalwarts like Pt. Ronu Majumdar – Flute exponent, Kuldeep Singh ji – Music Director, Smt Tulika Ghosh – classical vocalist and Abhijit’s guru,present.

Mumbai’s Income Tax Commissioner Mr. Virendra Ojha and Abhijit’s friends from the Army and Air force were also present to show their support to Abhijit.

All in all it was a beautiful event which had talented musicians of the country express their love and support towards Abhijit and the devotional music genre.

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