Bogda brings euthanasia back in discussion

In the last few weeks, the film Bogda has been a talking point especially owing to its unusual title. Many people were guessing what the film would be about, but at the recently held trailer launch of the film in Mumbai, all speculations were put to rest.

The Nittin Keni presentation deals with the topic of euthanasia that is currently being debated at the highest judicial level in India. Bogda is a heartwarming tale of a mother and daughter. It features the versatile Suhasini Joshi in the role of a mother and the talented Mrunmayee Deshpande in the role of her daughter. Actor Rohit Kokate also has an important role to play in the film. The trailer of Bogda has received good response from the Marathi viewers so far and has set the tone for the film’s release.

The film revolves around the life of a mother who is fed up of undergoing treatment and being terminally ill. She requests her daughter to take her for final journey. The daughter, who harbours dreams of succeeding in life, is in a tough spot now. Will she honour her mother’s wish? That’s the question that Bogda will aim to answer.

The film is set to explore the much debated topic of euthanasia and viewers are eagerly waiting for the same.

Written and directed by Nisheeta Keni and produced by Karan Konde, Suresh Panmand and Nanda Panmand, Bogda releases on September 7 and is bound to leave a lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

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