Aman Maheshwari: Meeting Radhe Maa was a completely different experience

Actor Aman Maheshwari, who would be seen in Ramman Handa’s web-series ‘Raah De Ma’, says that the promo has been well received. “The response of the promo is going well. The promo has gone viral on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. I think we got more than 15 lakhs of views in just a period of a week. My fingers are crossed and I am hoping for the best,” he says.

The actor recently met god-woman Radhe Maa and says that he loved it. “It was an amazing experience. I was looking forward to meeting her. I have heard so many negative things about her. But when I met her with my producer Ramman Handa, it was completely a different experience. She never said she is a God,” he says.

He loves working with a young producer like Ramman too. “He is too young to be called a producer. He is a dear friend of mine and has always been like a big brother to me,” he says.

The actor feels that the web has a bright future. “Everyone has TV on their cell phones. Most of the time people are travelling so they prefer watching shows on the web more nowadays. The web also gives you the freedom of expression,” he says.

There is a bold kissing scene in the promo, however, Aman clarifies that it completely justifies the script. “A boy kissing a boy and a girl kissing a girl was actually the requirement of the script. There is a social message in a comic twist. it is a youth-based web series after all,” he says, adding, “Boldness does not just mean being nudity. Boldness is something which is a requirement of the script and it upon the actor how they make it entertaining.”

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