Jaipur hunk Shashank won three titles at Mr. India 2018 pageant

Jaipur hunk Shashank Attrey won three titles at Mr. India pageant held at New Delhi. The pageant had around 20,000 participants initially out of which 65 chosen for semi finale and 30 entered grand finale. Shashank won Mr. India Rajsthan 2018 1st Runner Up, Mr. India 2018 Best Smile and Mr. India 2018 Best Photogenic Face. The jury was comprised of biggies like Arbaz Khan, Sara Khan and more.

The civil engineer chap had always had a attraction towards the Glamour World. Says Shashank, “I gathered all the information about the pageant. This was my first step in glamour world. The selected participants had five days grooming sessions where famous entrepreneur and personality development mentor Rita Gangwani trained us. There were four rounds later, Personal Interaction, Physique, Q & A and Talent round.”

Shashank did hard work for the pageant. He was on strict diet, strict workout (even on Sunday), and followed discipline with regards to his sleeping schedules.

Sharing the experince Shashank says, “Yaa it was an amazing experience. I have new friends from all over India now. When you participate in such a pageant, you learn how to groom yourself, how to be more positive, how to be more confident.”

What were your feelings at the announcement moment? “I was confident to win. I had a mixed feeling that time. I was happy, I was sad, I was excited. I was experiencing so many mixed emotions. When my name was announced, I could see only the trophy and nothing else.”

Well congratulations bro and best wishes.

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