Badshah’s ‘Heartless’ is a musical love story that will stay with you forever

Drowning listeners in the world of his emotions, rap star and youth icon Badshah’s Heartless, the single from his much awaited album O.N.E will be a delight for the listeners. Released by Sony Music, this is a surprise sound coming from Badshah’s range of music, something fans will be blown away with.

Reveals Badshah, “This song was with me for a while, whenever I played it to anyone they always loved it. A piece of my heart is in the song, it’s just simple. It’s about love. Actually that was my brief to Gurikk who had a vision in mind that worked for me brilliantly. We worked really hard to make what you see today and the final product makes us happy.”

Adds on Gurikk Mann, Director of the video, “ I had directed two videos for my father last year which were received very well and so I was very cautious about the next project I would take on with someone other than my father. I’m happy it is Badshah and Sony Music that I am working with.”

Says Sanujeet Bhujabal, Marketing Director Sony Music India, “Heartless has an instant likeability to it and the sound-space is so different and refreshing. The song echoes the thought behind the album, which is all about original music and something which is true of the artist. The whole journey of Heartless and the album O.N.E will be a super exciting one and will be a delight to Badshah’s fans.”

The music video reflects Badshah’s personality of a guy who does all that it takes to keep a smile. Shot over 9 days in Mumbai, the video is heart touching and the song rings in your ears even after you are done listening.

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