Pallavi Joshi decodes ‘Rafale deal’ on ‘Easy Hai’

The original girl next door and household name for TV viewing audiences, Pallavi Joshi  dishes out a simplistic analysis of the much talked about Rafale Deal initiated by Modi Government on her youtube show “Easy Hai”.

“Easy Hai”, is a the national award winning actor’s pet project and developed to dish out a lucid take on complex national issues which are rigorously reported in the media yet not explained or broken down for mass understanding. Ranging within 3-5 minutes, Easy Hai makes national news and headline making news simple for common consumption.

An episode on the heavily reported “Rafale Deal’ has just hit the internet and much like the earlier episodes, Joshi talks through the concept in Hindi using analogies and anecdotes with a signature tongue in cheek sign off.

Talking of Rafale Deal on Easy Hai, Pallavi Joshi quipped, “The primary reason behind doing ‘Easy hai’ series is  because a lot of times people get confused between complex jargons that are thrown around especially when politics is discussed. So through “Easy hai” I want to simplify the over complex issues so that it reaches the most common denominator. After that when people take a stand either socially or politically they take an informed stand.  This exercise is not just to back certain policies of the government, one can also oppose the government if one wants to but it should be done after knowing the complete truth . ‘Easy Hai’ is my humble effort to basically create an awareness in the society as to what is happening politically which a lot of us may not have the patience to sit down and understand, if these issues are broken down and the crux is explained then it becomes far more inclusive and it aids people to arrive at an informed opinion.Just like the name of the show, ‘Easy hai’, makes it simple.”

The video is also trending on Twitter and has reached 5k organic views within an hour of its release.

The earlier issues tackled on “Easy Hai” has been Black money, Demonetization, GST and Surgical Strike. The Rafale Deal episode is the fourth installment of “Easy Hai” released on her NGO I AM Buddha’s You Tube channel. The show has clocked a steady growth over a period of time, what started with a modest 30,000 views has gone utpo 1,76,000 making the last installment an instant hit among internet users.

Easy Hai is presented by I AM Buddha Foundation in public interest. Do follow the link to catch Pallavi Joshi on Easy Hai.

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