Harmless Hugs screened ‘Still About Section 377’ for the LGBTQ community

Harmless Hugs, a Delhi based collective working with the middle class young lesbian and gay population in the city, screened the Season 2 of the much talked about web series ‘All About Section 377’, now titled- ‘Still about Section 377’, country’s first transgender series, at an event in Delhi. The main aim of the event was to empower the community and in still confidence in the face of the multiple adversities they face.

All about Section 377 was an absolute hit and now the second season is all ready to hit your screens soon. This exclusive screening was for the LGBTQ community, followed by some performances, celebrations and an insightful talk by the director of the ‘Still About Section 377’, Amit Khanna on his journey of making the series.

Amit Khanna, the director who has also acted in the series said, “This was a very important screening I believe and I’m very grateful to harmless hugs for taking the initiative. Still About Section 377 is a series for everyone as it deals with the emotional aspect more than the physical aspect. The LGBTQ community will draw a lot from it and most importantly be empowered. The effort has always been towards inclusion and that can happen only when people can dispel myths and biases.”

The web series was also screened in the city on the 9th of August by TMM Magazine, and was loved by the audience and even received a standing ovation. Still About Section 377 is presented by SP Cinecorp and Asmiy Entertainment and produced by Mumbai based forward thinking and content driven production house Dancing Shiva and Phillum Makers.

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