Mumbai Pune Mumbai- 3 to be released on 7th December 2018

‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’, which was released five years ago, was a super-duper hit on national and international level. The success was repeated when its sequel ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai -2’ was released two years ago. Now, the history is all set to be repeated as producer Sanjay Chhabria and Associate-producer Amit Bhanushali (of 52 Friday Cinemas) and director Satish Rajwade announced of the third part of Mumbai Pune Mumbai’. The hit pair in lead role Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve joined director Satish Rajwade in announce Making the 3rd Sequel of the film and will hit the screens across the state on 7th December 2018

The sequel ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-2’ was released during Diwali on November 2 two years ago. Not only in Maharashtra, but the film goers even in other states like Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka and even in US received overwhelming Response. The film was screened in San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, Salt Lake City among other others.

Director Satish Rajwade said, “We did not expect Mumbai Pune Mumbai to be successful to such an extent. Mumbai Pune Mumbai (MPM) as now became a cult, seating a trend of one of its kind love story. MPM has become a habit with the audience. People are now more curious about the lives of Gautam and Gauri. And related themselves with the happenings in the lives of the couple.

He further said that “While shooting for ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’, we did not expect that we will go for the sequel. But, during the making of its second part we realise that there was a room for the third part of the film. It would not be appropriate to reveal any details about the upcoming film, but I can surely say that the third part will again prove to be equally successful,” said Satish Rajwade.

Sanjay Chhabria of Everest Entertainment said, “Everest Entertainment and Amit Bhanushali are synonymous to each other and enjoy ties since our first film. To strengthen the relationship, we came together during the production of the sequel of the film. The ties will be further strengthened as we are making the third part together. We are happy that we are once again getting an opportunity to work with Swapnil Joshi, Mukta Barve and talented director Satish Rajwade.”

Amit Bhanushali of ‘52 Friday Cinemas’ is Associate-producer of ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3’ said, “Mumbai Pune Mumbai’ is very close to our heart because it is our first Marathi film as producer. We own the parental relationship with all the three parts of the film and hence we are very excited about the release of the ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3’ early next year. We are very confident that ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3’ will be equally supported by the audience.”

The grand success of the ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’, which was released five years ago, resulted in the film being remade in various Indian languages. The film was applauded by the patron from across the globe. The sequel was produced on the request by the audience. They liked the pair of Swapnil and Mukta very much. Both the films got overwhelming response by the film goers and this was proved through the collection on the ticket window.

The film is also known by the name of talented director Satish Rajwade. He has penned the story of the film. The third part will also see Swapnil and Mukta in lead roles.

Everest Entertainment has many hit Marathi films to its credit. Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy, Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho, Hapus, Ideachi Kalpana, Tukaram, Aajach Divas Majha, Happy Journey, Coffee Ani Barech Kaahi, Time Please, Mumbai Pune Mumbai -2 and Baapjanma are some of them produced and presented by the company.

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