Mahika Sharma’s mother detaches from her

The actress’ who made news revealing about her unexpected Puri journey. The actor now is in another trouble. As actress mother is upset with her decision to debut in a Bollywood film with a British adult star.

TV actress Mahika Sharma who has done TV shows earlier shocked everyone when she announced recently that she will make her Bollywood debut with British adult film actor Danny D. Both Danny and Mahika are also the producers of the film, ‘The Modern Culture’. While the actress was trolled for this decision of hers, there is more trouble for the actress because her mother has decided to separate from her after this.

A former Miss Teen North-East, Mahika had issued a press statement when she announced her decision, “I will play Geeta. The first part of movie will be about how Geeta – a typical Indian girl – struggles in Los Angeles. Once she is back in India with her man, it is Danny’s character who will struggle.”

The actress, who belongs to Mumbai, was earlier even trolled when she spoke about her love for Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. And in an interview to a popular website she had said, “Yes, people are harassing me. They are asking me to tell my rate. I don’t look at trolls. They just need to be shown the middle finger. Their fathers don’t feed you any day.” And about the troll, she told the entertainment portal, “Sex is no big deal these days. If boys can openly talk about their crushes and fantasies, why do we girls need to have a limit? I don’t believe in gender discrimination. Why can’t I be open about my desires?”

Now, that the actress’ mother has taken a stand and decided to detach from her, it comes as a big shock. When we approached Mahika about it, she said, “I respect my mother’s wishes. I am hoping to make her understand that I am not doing a porn film. It is a Bollywood film with a British adult star. He is a friend. As of now, I am just focusing on my work.”

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