Abhishek Saxena’s Saroj Ka Rishta kick-starts shooting Mumbai

After receiving rave response from the announcement news of Director Abhishek Saxena’s upcoming rom-com titled Saroj Ka Rishta staring Sanah Kapur,Gaurav Pandey, Randeep Rai and Kumud Mishra is now full of energy and good vibes. And with this, cast and team has kick-started the shooting of the movie in Mumbai city

The star cast share their first day Muhurat on set picture on their social media platform.

Pankaj Kapur and Surpiya Pathak was also present to be part of the celebration of there daughter Sanah Kapur’s titled Saroj Ka Rishta Muhurat shoot day.

The film is about culture of body-shaming in India but film essentially revolves around a father-daughter relationship with Kumud Mishra and Sanah at the center. There is also a love triangle with the two heroes Gaurav Pandey and Randeep Rai in pivotal roles.

Saroj ka Rishta is Written by Deepak Kapur Bhardwaj and Produced by Anmol Kapoor, Nazia Javed Siddiqui, Narinder Garg and Ambica Sharma.

Production house by – Kapoor Films Inc, Aena productions, Narinder Films, Ambiabbhi Productions.

Saroj Ka Rishta shooting will be done across Mumbai and Ghaziabad and Planning to Release by end of year 2018.

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