Priyanka Negi was seen singing for ‘Say No to Drugs’

Priyanka Negi is known for her beautiful voice and likewise for voicing out in support. Recently we learned about the success of ‘Titri’ from ‘Phamous’ which got Priyanka quite a lot of appreciation, motivating her for her future projects as well. As per the news, Priyanka Negi was recently seen performing in an event which had a theme of ‘Say No to Drugs’ and as the theme justifies, it was an initiative to spread awareness about not using any substance.

The event began with a marathon, followed by the concert of Priyanka Negi in Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad which had over 5000+ audience. Apart from having a soulful and mesmerizing voice, Priyanka Negi had been evidently talking about living healthy and staying away from any chemicals or substances as such.

“I am beyond happy to have been a part of such a thoughtfully placed theme for an event. It is us who has to voice out the issues to make sure that we reach out to the audience who are misguided or haven’t been informed about what is right for them and what isn’t. Being substance free and saying ‘NO’ to drugs is a message I want to voice out to as many people as possible and this event was one such medium and I’m honored to have sung for this event,” says the talented singer, Priyanka Negi.

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