Sanjay Khapare as teacher in BE EKE BE

Under the banners Three Star Entertainment and Namaste Entertainment, producers Vikas Bagheriya and Poornima Vavhal-Yadav’s film BE EKE BE will release on 27 July 2018. The film is directed by Sanchit Yadav who has also written story, screenplay and lyrics.

The film is presented by Mahendra Kabara and Anita Maheshwari of Hema Foundation, co-produced by Pravin Garje and Chintamani Pandit.

BE EKE BE deals with education system. In the film Sanjay Khapare will be seen as teacher Madhav Guruji. Says Sanjay, “I got an opportunity of playing a challenging roll once again with this film. When I was asked to play Madhav Guruji, I did not gave it a second thought. I like the story and my character very much.”

The dialogues are written by Abhijit Kulkarni, music by Vilas Gurav, art direction by Devendra Tawde, choreography by Santosh Aambre, cinematography by Atul Jagdale, editing by Kamal Saigal and Vinod Chaurasiya, VFX by Shekhar Maghade. Atul Marchande is executive producer.

BE EKE BE stars Sanjay Khapare, Jaywant Wadkar, Sanchit Yadav, Poornima Vavhal-Yadav, Santosh Aambre, Atul Merchande, Arun Nalawade with child artists Sahil Sitare, Pratham Sitare, Vaidehi Ovhal, Snehal Bhatade, Sagar Gurav, Sanchit Nirmale, Parth Deshpande, Atharva Kharvarkar, Sairaj Kametkar, Swapnaja Jadhav, Samisha Slape, Prachi Mestry, Pooja Potfade, Neha Pavaskar and Avishkar Shedye.

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