31 Divas: Entertaining film and excellent songs packaged together

The title of the film “31 Divas” itself generates queries such as why and what in the mind. The film “31 Divas” produced by Mr. B. S. Babu under the banner Filmfinity productions and Directed by Mr. Ashish Bhelkar is releasing across entire Maharashtra on the 20th July 2018. The Song Release Event for the film was held recently with all the pomp and show at Famous Studios, Mahalakshmi. The film and the songs from the film are going to be a huge occasion for audiences young at heart. The Music for the film has been created by Chinar – Mahesh team. While touching your heart these songs will also make your feet dance to the tunes. In a way a set of excellent songs will be presented to the knowledgeable audiences.

Chinar-Mahesh say that the reason for excellence of these songs lies in the appropriate narration of the film story by Director Ashish Bhelkar and the freedom he provided to them to cast them. Out of the four songs of the film three songs will be released for the audiences very soon. As the remaining fourth song has a turning point from the film, it will be fit to be seen on screen itself. To put it specifically we would like to say that for the first time we got an opportunity to create music for a motivational song. We were happy that we were creating a song to overcome sudden obstacles in life. Singer Harshvardhan Vavre has sung the song “Rang Vegala” beautifully. All the songs of the film have been penned by Mangesh Kangane and we experienced a feel of happiness while composing simple words from him. We are sure that the lilting song “Kay Kay Sangu Tula G Bay…” sung by Vaishali Made and set to the Hi-Fi dance theme used for Haldi functions during marriage will be a hit song form the film and will be appreciated by the audiences. The song “Man Ka Ase” that has been filmed at famous Athirapalli waterfall from Film Bahubali will mesmerize you due to the great Aleppy backwaters and linger on in the hearts for a long time. Singers Rishikesh Ranade and Kirti Killedar has carried their best for the song.

The story of the film moves around Makarand and his dreams about the art field that he is in. It would not be out of place to say that Makarand represents the youth today as he follows his dreams with a passion and does not get bogged down due to any difficulties that face him.

At the same time the Director of the film Ashish Bhelkar had decided that his venture film will be entertaining as well as motivational. While carrying out an immensely successful innings as Associate Director with well known Bollywood Directors such as Madhur Bhadarkar, Prabhudeva and Remo D’Souza, Ashish Bhelkar has now turned to Marathi films as a Director. Producer Mr. B. S. Babu has produced this film without compromising on creative values and without taking the audiences for granted.

Major cast of the film “31 Divas” is Shashank Ketkar, Mayuri Deshmukh, Reena Agarwal as also Vivek Lagu, Suhita Thatte, Asha Shelar, Arun Bhedsawle and Nitin Jadhav in important roles. The story of the film is by Umesh Jangam, Cinematography by Aniket Khandagale, Editing by Devendra Murudeshwar and Dance Director Vrushali Chavan. Stunt Direction for the film is by Sunil Rodrigues from Rohit Shetty team. Mr. Nanubhai from Video Palace has shouldered the responsibility to carry the songs to the audiences.

As the film “31 Divas” brings you the locations and sets not found so far in Marathi films the audiences will definitely be looking forward to take out a day and watch “31 Days”. The film is releasing across entire Maharashtra on the 20th July 2018.

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