First Character Poster of Marathi Film Chumbak released

Marathi film industry has been abuzz ever since Akshay Kumar took to social media and speak his heart out in ‘Marathi’ about the soon to be released film ‘Chumbak’ which is presented by none other than Akshay Kumar himself.

The team of Chumbak have now released the first look of one of the three key characters in the film – Baalu, played by debutant teen actor Sahil Jadhav from Pune.

Baalu plays a restaurant waiter boy in the film who lives to fulfill his one little dream as the heartwarming poster tells us. Sahil Jadhav is a young school teen from Pune who is facing camera for the first time with Chumbak.

There is a very interesting tale the team shares about how Sahil was discovered.
The casting team led by Romil Modi and Tejas Thakkar had an arduous task in front of them as they were looking for an Baalu an actor who besides being a superb actor had the innocence yet the maturity about him that director Sandeep Modi has envisioned for it. Despite weeks of casting and casting with more than 250 kids across the different districts none of them fit the part. With just 25 days to start of shoot, the team decided to start the process all over again and found Sahil Jadhav, a school kid from Pune, who dabbled with amateur theater.

Having never faced the camera prior to this Sahil had to quickly dive deep into the part and went through two weeks of workshops and training with director Sandeep Modi and writer and Saurabh Bhave to prepare for it. Leaving no stone unturned, Sahil worked in the restaurant to prepare for the part, living with them for days.

Chumbak presented by Akshay Kumar, releases all over on the 27th of July 2018.

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