Abraam Pandey shoots for a music video

Actor Abraam Pandey (currently seen in Khichadi returns) recently shot for a music video and says that he loved the experience. The actor says that the concept of the video was totally different and it took him some time to settle into his character. “It was an awesome experience and totally different to anything that I have done before. Initially, I was a bit conscious of the romantic and lovemaking scenes because I have always been part of comedy. People say comedy is tough, but I am quite comfortable with that. I find romantic and sad scenes difficult to shoot,” he says.

Talking about the video, he says, “It’s totally a cute and romantic love story. It talks about how you love your soulmate are beyond the physical limitations. We shot in Mumbai and on the outskirts.”

The actor has done theaters as well and says that all three mediums – theater, TV and the web are completely different. “For an actor, acting is important not the medium. But yes, I agree that TV is a bit different than theater and music videos because in theater there are no retakes because you have to perform in front of people. One mistake and you are out of the league. But in TV and music videos, you can take retake and replace the act which you don’t want. But in theater, you are being judged by everyone and you have that pressure to perform well,” he says.

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