Shakti Arora arrived to India for a really special occasion

‘Meri Ashiqui Tumse’ Hi fame Shakti Arora aka Ranveer Vaghela who has been busy shooting in Indonesia for his next project has finally arrived to India for a really special occasion. The special occasion was none other than his close friend and stock market guru cum film producer Mahavir Mehta’s 25th wedding anniversary which was two day grand affair. On 9th February 2018 Mahavir Mehta celebrated his anniversary and his son Vanil’s 23rd birthday in a grand manner.

With how special the occasion was Shakti Arora gave life to the wonderful celebration by flying down to India specially to attend his close friends wedding anniversary. With the bond they share Shakti made sure to make it to India for his dear friend Mahavir Mehta‘s special day. Along with Shakti Arora his beautiful girlfriend Neha Saxena was present there.

The party was a big hit with stock brokers and celebrities swarming around in their the cocktail party look, in their beautiful long trailed gowns and tuxedoes.

Celebrities who were spotted to celebrate the special occasion were Mudassar Khan, Suhasi Dhami, Drusti Dhami, Daboo Ratnani, Rohan Kapoor, Anas Rashid and many more.

In conversation with Shakti Arora he mentioned, ” Mahavir Mehta is a very close friend of mine and I would always take some time out to celebrate this occasion with him. I wish him all the luck and a very happy married life.”

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