It is rightly said that dog is human’s best friend : Abraam Pandey

When the whole world specially the social networking platforms, were buzzing with love posts and pictures, actor Abraam Pandey was celebrating Valentine’s day with his pet dog Max.

When asked Abraam says, “I have Max in my life for the last one year and he is a bundle of joy to me. Right now am single and I do focus in my work a lot. I see a lot of love posts and pictures on social networking platforms but am not sure how many of them will be together next year. People are more involved in posting their romantic selfies. I feel they should focus more on the time they are spending together.”

“In today’s time we all lead a very stressful life and one should take out time for their near and dear ones. To me my valentine day was fulfilled as Max my dog was with me the whole day. An actor’s life is not easy. Either we are shooting or we are discussing our next project, going to gym and meeting people. So whenever I get some time off I give my time to Max and he also gives me unconditional love. It is rightly said that dog is human’s best friend,” adds the actor.

Will Subhash Ghai direct Aitraaz 2?

Legendary filmmaker and showman of Bollywood Subhash Ghai who has given the industry some of the classic movies in 80’s & 90’s and great movies like Kisna, Black & White and Yuvraj, the director also produced blockbusters as Iqbal, Joggers Park, Apna Sapna Money Money, 36 China Town and Aitraz as producer. Now he is all set to be recreate his magic under his production Mukta Arts. The director producer had given some of the big hits and many of them have also made its way for a remake. One such film which has now might come back on silver screen is 2004’s hit film Aitraaz Starring Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor.

According to sources, the veteran producer Subhash Ghai is set to kick off sequel of Aitraaz. It is known that for last two years Ghai has been working on the script of the film and just recently a month ago the final draft was locked. The filmmaker is finalizing his cast now and had a word with Priyanka Chopra and the two have discussed the film. The actress is keen to get associated with Ghai again and has shown interest in meeting post she is back in town.

Ghai has always been vocal about his admiration for PeeCee. Recalling their recent meet at a party in 2017 hosted by the actress, the filmmaker says, “She’s so talented and classy, I’m keen to have her in my film again.” Prod him about getting back to direction and he says, “I’ll need a script that really moves them. Until then, it’s over to the highly-talented next generation.”

Well does this mean that Ghai’s magic is going to be recreated again? It would be visual treat to see Priyanka and Ghai team up yet again!

Abhishek Sharrma the new popular kid on the social media world

The child actor Abhishek Sharrma has become the most popular Indian star kids on the social media networking sites ever since he joined the social media world. The cute kid who was last seen in hit film Tumhari Sulu with the talented actress Vidya Balan, can easily be called as a show stealer as his charm is still been visible on his social media accounts. In a span of just one month Abhishek seems to has taken over the internet by storm in keeping his fans updated with his ongoing projects and his day to day fulfilled life routine.

His popularity can be visibly seen by his followers count which has outgrown in leaps and bounds in such a short duration thereby making him as one of the most popular child actor. His fans are awestruck by his cuteness as his this particular video of him showing off his moves on Punjabi songs for his uncle’s wedding got a high number of hits in just few minutes. That is not all! This multi talented kid shows best of his mimickery skills through few fun dubsmash videos proving yet again that he is filled with abundance of talent.

According to sources close to him, it is known that many young fans are going ahead and sending him personal messages on his account to get more information of his life. The adorable lad who was also seen in the short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ has made his fans berserk and has gained positive response from audience and industry members.

Adding further, source says Abhishek is a gadget freak and loves to use apps for his inquisitiveness about cars and various other science related topics which is reflected in his post on social media.

Kids these days are smart and adapt to environment more quickly and they are well aware of the new technologies and apps that make them confident at a very early age and Abhishek Sharrma the child actor is one such example.

Shafaq Naaz makes a comeback on Colors Show Mahakali post transformation

Be it Hollywood ,Bollywood or TV our actors are ready to do anything to justify their roles be it to shed or gain weight.

Televisions gorgeous actor Shafaq Naaz who was previously under the spotlight due to her amazing transformation has finally now shed those extra kilos and and flaunts her body like no other. The beautiful lady who was known to have shed 13 kgs in 2 months recently had a photoshoot which made the fans head over heels with her magical beauty making them anxious to see her back on the Television screens.

After the long break and superb transformation Shafaq is all set to make a comeback with Colors Show Mahakali. Yes that is right, Shafaq is roped in by Colors for their upcoming track in Mahakali.

In the upcoming track Shafaq will be seen playing the role of Vrinda ( Wife of Jalandar) in the Show. Vrinda who is a worshiper of Parvati request blessing from her to marry someone who never leaves. Parvati does give her blessings but what is the blessing is yet to be discovered.

In an conversation with Shafaq she mentioned, “It feels great to be back on screen aft a long break. My last show was Chidya Ghar where I played the role of Mayuri. Ever since June I took a break focusing on my transformation and yes I am finally back. I play a beautiful character of Vrinda who fights her own battles. Since I have already done a mythological show ‘Maharbharat’ before things are much easier for me now and I am really excited for it.”

Everest Entertainment’s much awaited Marathi movie “Aamhi Doghi” to Release on 23rd February

The film revolves around two women – Amala, played by Mukta Barve, and Savitri Sardesai played by Priya Bapat. The women are inseparable despite their different mindsets. They follow diverse paths with the same goal.

Mukta Barve’s character is a housewife from a rural background, unaccustomed to urban life. Priya Bapat plays an unusual character, depicting three stages of life. “Act quickly as it comes to mind or else you end up regretting it,” is the philosophy Savitri represents in her life.

“Both, Mukta and Priya, are multi-talented actresses from the Marathi Film & TV industry as well from the theatre. Both have proved themselves with the variety of roles they’ve played in a host of films, TV serials and Marathi theatre. For the audience in Maharashtra, Aamhi Doghi will be a feast to the Marathi film lovers who are eagerly awaiting the release of the film” claims Sanjay Chhabria of Everest Entertainment.

“Aamhi Doghi is based on a story written by Gauri Deshpande, a modern author ahead of her time, who left a mark on the Marathi literature. Her novels, short stories and poems captured popular imagination. She carved a niche for herself in the literary world through her unique style,” says the film’s Director Pratima Joshi. She adds, “The film revolves around the story that is close to the heart of today’s young women in all types of relationships including that of mother-daughter, father-daughter or friends. The subject is emotively related to every young girl, and hence will help the young audience to think sensitively.” In a tone of gratitude she says, “I’m fortunate to get the opportunity to direct this film because I had decided long ago that whenever I get a chance to direct a film, it would be based on a story by Gauri Deshpande.”

This is the first time ever, the two talented actresses have come together to play the main roles in a Marathi movie. The Other actors include Kiran Karmarkar, Bhushan Pradhan, Aarti Wadakbalkar and Prasad Barve.

Pratima Joshi and Bhyagshri Jadhav have written the screenplay and dialogues. The movie has only one song titled ‘Konte Nate Mhanu he Guntane Na Taalane’ penned by Guru Thakur, arranged by Mangesh Dhakade and sung by Vaishali Mhade.

Sanjay Chhabria, Founder of Everest Entertainment who shouldered the responsibility of production and presentation of Aamhi Doghi, has many hit Marathi films to his credit, including Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy, Tukaram, Aajacha Divas Majha, Happy Journey, Time Please, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2, Coffee Ani Barach Kahi, Baapjanma among others.

Shakti Arora arrived to India for a really special occasion

‘Meri Ashiqui Tumse’ Hi fame Shakti Arora aka Ranveer Vaghela who has been busy shooting in Indonesia for his next project has finally arrived to India for a really special occasion. The special occasion was none other than his close friend and stock market guru cum film producer Mahavir Mehta’s 25th wedding anniversary which was two day grand affair. On 9th February 2018 Mahavir Mehta celebrated his anniversary and his son Vanil’s 23rd birthday in a grand manner.

With how special the occasion was Shakti Arora gave life to the wonderful celebration by flying down to India specially to attend his close friends wedding anniversary. With the bond they share Shakti made sure to make it to India for his dear friend Mahavir Mehta‘s special day. Along with Shakti Arora his beautiful girlfriend Neha Saxena was present there.

The party was a big hit with stock brokers and celebrities swarming around in their the cocktail party look, in their beautiful long trailed gowns and tuxedoes.

Celebrities who were spotted to celebrate the special occasion were Mudassar Khan, Suhasi Dhami, Drusti Dhami, Daboo Ratnani, Rohan Kapoor, Anas Rashid and many more.

In conversation with Shakti Arora he mentioned, ” Mahavir Mehta is a very close friend of mine and I would always take some time out to celebrate this occasion with him. I wish him all the luck and a very happy married life.”

Abhishek Kapoor has another fallout – this time with KriArj Entertainment & T-Series !

KriArj Entertainment who are fast gaining the reputation of backing some of the biggest blockbusters and music giants and production house T-Series announced their association with Kedarnath directed by Abhishek Kapoor.
While there has been ample speculation surrounding the severing of this partnership, official sources confirm that KriArj Entertainment and T-Series faced major financial and creative differences with the filmmaker.

These reports come as no surprise especially since Abhishek Kapoor has a history of fallouts through the span of his professional career. The filmmaker was earlier involved in spats with actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar , Excel Productions, veteran superstar Rekha and filmmaker Apoorva Lakhia among others.

Sources reveal that owing to his history and lack of professionalism, the film had no takers until KriArj Entertainment came on board to produce the film.

The new age studio, who shares a great equation with T-Series later brought them on board as well to look after other aspects like the music, digital, satellite and cable rights. However, both the studios were wary with Abhishek’s interference in their financial decisions and his constant delays in delivering the film .The film was going grossly over budget as Kapoor’s planning was completely unprofessional and disorganized as the entire production was being handled by Kapoor’s Guy In the Sky Pictures.

Says an inside source, “KriArj Entertainment and T-Series decided to come on board since they believed in the film and in Abhishek Kapoor’s vision. However, as Kedarnath unfolded several issues pertaining the dates of the talent , prep time and delays in the film’s delivery began cropping up. Abhishek replaced several of the crew members and technicians at the very last minute. Despite investing a huge some of funding into the project , Kedarnath was going way over budget owing to Gattu’s constant unreasonable demands . He not only delayed the shoot of the film by six months but also majorly interfered in the film’s financial planning and overall business workings. Abhishek also demanded that a higher price be quoted for the music rights and this despite T-Series being music moguls and being the best in the music industry.”

Adds the source, ” Deciding a film’s release date should be the producers call since they are the one’s investing huge sums into the project. However, Abhishek interfered in that as well and went on to announce a release date on Twitter without consulting KriArj Entertainment who were against releasing the film on the same date as Zero. There were also rumors of Abhishek Kapoor not allowing KriArj to sign Sara Ali Khan for another film they were in talks for and pressurized the studio to drop the film. It came to a point where the makers refused to put up with Kapoor’s arm twisting. For now Kedarnath is on hold until everything is clear on papers.”

Child artist Kavya Ramani takes a short break from work to pursue her hobbies

We all know that a life of a celebrity is tough and busy; to get this personal time to themselves our actors usually take sometime off work and do things for themselves. And so is our adorable Kavya Ramani who has recently taken a short break from work in order to purse her own hobbies.

Television’s adorable kiddo Kavya Ramani who rose to fame with her first appearance in ‘ Pyaar ko Ho Jaane Do’ and shows like ‘Chhote Miyan Dhaakad’ & ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’ has been receiving a lot of love from audience due to the amazing balance she has kept between her personal and professional life.

Kavya Ramani, a 7 years old actor believes in taking time out for her own personal interest along with shoots. As per sources Kavya has recently taken a break from work and following her love for singing and dancing. She has taken up classes for Kathak, martial art, drawing and dance. Her love for her hobbies have kept her in loop and she has been focusing on herself and attending these classes keeping her personal interest in consideration.

Now she is an amazing Multitasker!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan rules on Twitter World

The former Miss Universe Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the queen who has been ruling our hearts for more then two decades. Be it on red carpets, films, advertisements or digital world, the queen has been on the top of its game and the same was recently witnessed when the actress’s fan base were voted number one in being the most aggressive fan base Online.

Much recently, Twitter World had conducted a survey which tested the fan power of the top actress like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. Inspite of not being a part of any social media platforms, the goregous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s fan club received the heights amount of votes thereby making it clear that Aishwarya Rai is one of most loving actress worldwide. The actress’s fan club who are extremely enthusiastic left no stone unturned to beat all the other stars’ fan clubs. Be it during Cannes or film release or during important occasions Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s fan club have always unitedly worked in making thier favourite star win.

Such is the power of the global icon Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who has created a history not only in cinema but now also in the social media world.

Producer Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment held a special screening of PADMAN

Producer Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment held a special screening of her upcoming film Padman at YRF Studios, Mumbai.

The private affair was a star studded one which was attended by the biggies of Bollywood like Kriti Sanon, Ayushman, Yami Gautam, Diana Penty, Nidhi Aggarwal, Ishaan Khattar, Aftab Shivdasani, Vishal Bhardwaj and many more. The young producer along with her father Virendra Arora was the perfect host for the evening.

Produced by Miss Funnybones along with KriArj Entertainment, Padman is all set to release on 9th February.